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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally got my new skincare series! Whoohu~~Extremely Happy!
Thanks alot for buying me all these.
Love you & I always do!~

Kose Whitening Series:

1. Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream
ㄨ Removes stubborn makeup

2. Kose Sekkisei Supreme Washing Cream
ㄨDeeply cleanses pores to sweep away dirt & impurities

3. Kose Exfoliating Massage Gel
ㄨSelf-heating action thoroughly removes pore impurities(e.g blackheads) to reveal brighter & softer skin

4. Kose Seikisho Mask White
Contains five japanese and chinese herbal extracts in concentrated form to enhance skin whiteness by using a black mask

Kose Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion
Calms redness, prevents dryness & combats blemishes

6. Kose Astalution Wrinkle Lotion
A toner that contains exclusive hydrating and anti-oxidant ingredients for anti aging and smoothing.
p/s: Although I dun have wrinkles, it is effective in reducing eye bags as I noticed.

7. Kose Shirosumi Whitening Essence
Contains effective Prune Enzymet to suppress epidermal cells from absorbing surrounding melanin, and its' whitening ingredients are able to improve the problem of pigmentation
(Highly recommended)

8. Kose Sekkisei Supreme Moisturizer
Improve skin elasticity while suppressing the formation of dark spots for a fairer and more even toned complexion.

9. Kose Sekkisei Supreme Revitalizing Cream
Revitalize and restore skin structure, skin is deeply hydrated & lighter complexion.

10. Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream
It replenishes skin with intense moisture, reduce dark circles & eye bags

11.Kose Medicated Sekkisei Essence Mask
Contains highly concentrated whitening essence prevents dark spots and improves uneven skin tone.

Kose Eye Mask
Effectively reduce dark circles, fine lines and eye bag

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~~ My desire ~~~

Cant imagine myself wearing such an elegant watch. Hoping someone can buy me this as my birthday present, christmas present + graduation present =D TQ. Wahaha

Tissot T-Moment Ladies (Black) worth RM1850

Specification details

Size: Lady
Case Material: Stainless Steel/PVD
Water Resistance: 30m
Glass Material: Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color: Black
Dial Index: Index + Arabic
Bracelet Material: Stainless Steel/ PVD
Bracelet Color: Black
Movement Caliber: F 05.111
Movement Type: Quartz 3 Hands

p/s: I dun wan Rolex Platinum anymore. A Tissot is enough for me =D

One of my wish finally came true. My Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume. Thanks for my hubby!~ Muax!!love it very much!~

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wow...it's has been 3months ++ i didn't update my blog d. Hiak Hiak. Too busy doing my intern now. Hurray..End of july d..waiting for my next month salary. My shopping awaiting list:

1. Levi's jeans. Fuiyoh..hope will be so sexy like the model after wearing it. xD

2. Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Fragrance (The pink one) Limited Edition worth RM 208. I want I want I want!!!!

And Finally....I wish ...I wish...I wish....I can have tis:

3. Rolex Platinum Collection. I cant afford la. Waiting for someone to buy for me. Hiak Hiak Hiak.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just one step in between. Soon will get used to the reality of world. Strongly believe the course of natural selection: Stronger will survive but weak ones will be eliminated. Hopefully..I'm not the one to be abandoned. Being too kiasu in everything..fighting for what I want and what I demand for. But end up..making myself suffering. Aiks..
Should learn how to let go..

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love you because
I know you're always there...
there to catch me when I fall...
there to listen when I need you..
there when I feel alone...

I love you because you understand me...
you know how I feel even when I can't say it...
you know I'm not as strong as I say
and still you never let me know that I'm not fooling you.

I love you because you make me believe,
believe that I am not worthless...
believe that I can be loved, am loved, and can love others.

I love you because you know,
you know I feel this way but can't say it and still you wait...
letting me take my time to come to terms with the fact that I love you...
would give my life up to be with you...

19th march: A memorable day for me & you!~ I'll love you always~ I promise..

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Friday, March 13, 2009

My Top 5 Most Caring Friends

Sorry that I've been abandoned my blog for so long. It's time to update my blog again. Recently, i realized there are so many caring friends surrounding me so i posted this blog to appreciate them and thanks god for letting me know all of them. Dun worry..all the friends listed below is not being ranked according. Let's start with alphabetical order.

Chia Pink Pink [My Jimui]

An indeed good & caring friend i ever have. Know her for almost 2years. My Shopping partner, Assignment partner, Lunch partner, Dinner partner.. Whenever you see me, you'll see her beside me as if we cannot be separated. xD First day i knew her, first impression for me is a talkative gal. Soon i becoming one of them, not being autism anymore. And because of this also, i becoming more and more 38. =P No la..not trying to say u 38 here. just that..you inspire me. haha. Why i say she is caring? Whenever i have problems, usually in relationship problems, she'll advice me. Though next day having exam or test, she'll willing to sacrifice her study time and chat with me. An advice that is come from true heart. Learn alot of things from her. Thanks alot. What she've did cnot be described in just one post, and yet she really makes me feel warm whenever i'm down. Thanks alot pink~ Muax. However, she is the one who used to bully me!~As what she said:"bully equals to sayang". I'm glad that i have a fren who SOOO "Sayang" me.xD

Joanne Fan Jie Ying [My best buddy]

This fella..a super close friend for almost 8 years. We used to scold each other and critize on each other. But yet...we're still close close buddy until now. Some even say she's my les partner. Imagine how close we are. lolx. But obviously we're not. We have gone through all the up's and down. She's the one who understand my personality well. We've been staying together for 1 years at INTI [ex-roommate]. Miss the time we hang out for IPAP. But that time still dunno how to appreciate, always complaint wanna go home sleep. Now..dun have such chances to watch the sunrise at INTI anymore. Her first impression for me is a very friendly girl and this is the truth oso. When i stepped in Main Convent, i'm thinking that this time i was dead! Seeing all malays and bananas speaking english fluently. She's the 1st to come and approach me. Thank god i knew someone who is speaking cantonese.She saved my life in Convent =P teaching me all the rules and regulations. And she's the one who pulled me into 7th Coy [Girl Guides]. How caring she is?? She can sacrifice her own sleeping time just to help othes complete their assignments. Just imagine..Once you know her..you can feel!! xD

Joceyn Tai Chu Cheng [My another jimui]

She's another partner of me.My clubbing partner as well. Usually..you'll see pink, me & her hanging around together in the campus. We are so called "SHE" in the class although it sounds funny ><" A person who talk softly, eat slowly..an indeed polite and gentle girl i ever met. She's my housemate, stay right opposite of me and usually cooks for me as well cos I'm really a lazy girl. I'm glad that having such wonderful housemate . When she get bullied by others, just feel like protecting her but yet i was the one who bully her always. =P She is the cheerful one among us. Hilarious and funny as well. She'll be a good listener when I'm sad. Although she would not advice much, she'll listen and console me which makes me feel more comfortable. So,she is a very good jimui of me. Those who always take advantage of her, please becareful!! Just hoping you happy and smile alwiz~Realized that you being moody this few days. Jo feel sad and heartache seeing you like this.

Lin Chee Keong [Ck Gor]

My ah gor, knew him for almost four months in Cyber-p. A super super caring guy that's why I ask him to be my ah gor. One and only god bro i have. My first impression on him is friendly, humorous and cheerful. He's indeed a good advisor. Giving me lots of advice on relationship problems, personal problems..everything. A very protective and gentleman guy i knew. He is so caring that sometimes i felt as if he is one of my family members who care for me. He is also being very attentive to girls..Someone who can rely on. There is a common quote he likes to say which is "I GTG.." Sometimes, he will even dabao "tong shui" for me. This kind of ah gor -> almost extinct d.hehex. Hope you wont forget me this muimui after u went for your internship.

Tan Wee King [Judoman]

Just know him for a month i think. Well..other personalities still cannot be described much but one thing for sure he is a caring guy. Why i say so? Cos of your vitamin C which really makes me feel so touched. He knew that i felt sick that day and i dun swallow pills so he came and give me a soluble vitamin C.. Just imagine how caring he is. I thought he would be a very arrogant guy when i knew him but I'm wrong. He is indeed a shy shy person and only talkative during messaging. He is the coach for judo club ..wow..a protective guy. But what i impressed from him is when he said that martial art is not for fighting, he learned it as a sport & interest. Being responsible as well, I'm sure he is a good leader. Hope can get to know more about you. And also..thanks to joanne who introduce such a great friend to me! Be more confident to yourself cos you are really good in everything from what i've seen. =D

Well..those who are not in the list above please dont feel bad.I'm sorry cos I've no time to write for all. You guys will be included next. [To be continued]

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo Gallery For Ck & Joceyn Birthday

Wanna Be Clubbing Queen + Cam-Whoring Queen. xD Having Fun on that day...Happy birthday Ah Bu & Ck Gor!!Muax~~Hope you two enjoy in the birthday party. Hire me again as the organizer next time =D

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Syok Sendiri at A-08-05 before going out.

May, Me & Pink cam-whoring in the room

Me & Pink with the birthday Gurl TaiTai(Middle)

Me & Qjin. Say Cheeseee~~

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Celebrating At Asia Havana

The Gorgeous Birthday Gurl(TaiTai) & Handsome Birthday Boy (Ck)

Hiak Hiak!~LengLui Vs LengZai [Perasan Case] Gila With My Ah gor ><"

Ck Gor & Jo MuiMui =)

MiuMiu & BuBu.Hiak Hiak..

Yeah!~Taking photos with birthday gurl & birthday boy

My Jimuizzz~Love you lots!

Yum Seng!!!!!!!! See that baka gor behind.lolx

Shall I compare my darling to a rose ? xD

P + J = PJ [not petaling jaya la.is pink & jo =P]

You're Mine! =P kidding..later somebody will kill me =X

Hug Hug dailou!~~Aiya, from left to right, from up to down. ur face oso look bigger =P

Chin has a sleepy face. lolx. Or you already mabuk??

See the birthday gurl and birthday boy sooo happy!!i tis muimui oso very happy. =D

Pretty Pink & Pretty Qjin. Nice Photo!!

Pattern King with Pink~

All of us smile so happily~ Seems like kena lottery =P

They two fighting for the birthday princess Tai!xD

Never see so handsome de guy before. [honestly] =P

Yo!!My hengdai!~Cool!!Ck!!Mana you??

Now..Jimui's turn.See that may n qjin stil busy chatting

Group Photos. All LengZaiz & LengLuiz~

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Inside Arena

Ck ShyShy taking photos with lenglui!~Face like tomato le.lolx

A very nice photo with their favourite cakes.

I Wish...I Wish...I Wish...Wish Jojo win lottery & marry a rich guy. =P

Tomato Again @@ Lynn & me~ I want tomato face oso but too bad i dun hv T.T

The 2 J's -> Jy & Jojo xD. Taken when seludup back into Arena. lolx.

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Let's see the Banyak Pattern de Dailou. Take note of the facial expression! =D

Fuiyoh!!!Pose 1-> With his dudu Mouth

Pose 2- > Wink Eyes !! Electric voltage so strong.lolx

This lagi hebat!! Handsome man!!~=D

Sexy Dailou with his shirt widely open trying to seduce me??lolx

At last..when he get drunk... End up lying on Ck's shoulder.Bcum a Gay!!!haha

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Me & my Gor

Cheers!~ Wish gor all the best in the coming year!~

Gor look so scary when dun smile. =X

Huhu!~I'm taller than you!

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Outside Arena

Birthday Gal with her Gor (jy)

Alwiz bully me de Jy!!

This look like hugging my han bin dear from behind. Dun shy shy la.

Kevin & me!~ "Come if you dare! =P "

The "heng fuk" Ck taking pictures with 5 lengluiz~hoho~

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

The Common pose of us. The YEAH sign =.=V

Eh..This cacat abit de Yeah sign.lolx..Nvm...is cute!~

Cam-whoring queen + Cam-whoring king! =P Muax Muax!~Weee..

Lol..The pattern king (WeiJin) & Pink

Yeah!~Me & Jy! Peace =X

~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡•♡♥~~~~♥♡ ~~~~♥♡•

Most interesting part -> Crazy photo during truth & dare session

Kevin kissing Chin!~Chin seems so enjoying himself!~

Kevin & May-> Funny Photos Take 1

Funny Photos Take 2

Han Bin & Lynn -> Act Cute Take 1

Act Cute Take 2. See my Hanbin so shy.lolx

illl....Chin & Ck = CC. lolx [Feel like vomitting d]

Qjin & Jy Act Cute Take 1

Act Cute Take 2. Qjin Cuter la..lolx. Jy Act cute memang Fail!

Me & Jy -> Cross hand and finish the beer!~

Lynn Hugging tightly with Kevin. See her face sooo red.Shy Shy.lolx

A very happy & wonderful night at Asia havana & Arena. Thanks to the birthday girl & birthday boy.

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